My Favourite Kitchen Tools

A few customers, friends and family members have asked me where I find my favourite things that I mention in the classes and just in life. Therefore, I have listed a few of my favourites for you. I only share the items that I actually use and love. I hope you enjoy these items and that they help make baking easier.  Just click on the photo if you want more details.  You may be able to find the items in your local stores .. as I love supporting local!  I’ve included a link to purchase online if you can’t find it locally or you want it delivered to your door.


My Flour Container of Choice

Flour Container I Use for 1:1 GF Flour

I love this container. I wrote my recipe on the top lid with a sharpie marker, so it makes it easy to measure the flours. What I really love is how the container opens and has enough room to put a measuring cup inside and slide it out on the top lip and it makes it a precise measurement. No need for a knife to slide on the top of your measuring cup to make it precise. I found mine at a local store, but if you can’t or just want it delivered to your house … check it out!
Cutting Board

Cutting Board

This is great because it is very light and thin. It fits nicely into a suitcase! We take it traveling with us so that we can make ANY surface safe to cut our food on. You can throw it in the dishwasher to clean the backside of it and you can use it over and over and not worry about getting cross contaminated on a questionable surface.
Toaster Bags

Toaster Bags

When we travel and stay at families, VRBO, Air B&B or Hotel, we ALWAYS bring these in our suitcase. You can use them in any toaster for breakfast and your bread does not get cross contaminated. My celiac teenager even has made grilled cheese at his Pop’s house in them!
Mini Hand Held Food Processor

Mini Hand Held Food Processor

I personally love this gadget to be able to make smoothies, puddings, puddings etc. It has a few different attachments. I don’t have to bring out my big food processor and I can use the immersion blender attachment to cream a soup or blend up avocado etc.
Gluten Free Flax Meal

Ground Flax Seed

I usually grind my own flax seed, so that I know it hasn’t been ground on a mill that also uses gluten. If you don’t want to be bothered with that, then purchase certified gluten free flax meal. I use it in a lot of my baking. It adds nutrients, acts as a binder and you can also use it as an egg replacement.
White Chia Seeds

White Chia Seeds

White Chia seeds were a fabulous find for me. I have kids … and they don’t always love black flecks in their food. WHITE chia is amazing .. as you can add it to smoothies and baked goods .. and nobody sees it!
Psyllium Husk (Whole)

Psyllium Husk (whole)

This product is needed in some of my baking and it can be hard to find. Personally, I have been able to find it in local health food stores. If you do find it locally, make sure it is WHOLE. If you are not able to find it you can purchase online.
Cookie Cutters

Cookie Cutter Set

I make sugar cookies for every occasion. Therefore, this set is nice if you are just starting out…. it gives you a few for every season! They are small and great for kids fingers. I also use the small ones for the tops of my pies … it is hard to roll out gluten free pie dough! The cookie shapes look gorgeous!


This has saved my celiac son and I from getting sick at friends and families houses. Just throw the mat on a BBQ and you know you won’t be cross contaminated. We have also used this when traveling, it is easy to throw into a suitcase and it is peace of mind that you won’t be ill. The nice thing about the mat is that it leaves grill lines and cooks your meat nicely. I also use this mat when I cook my pizza on my BBQ. In my opinion, every celiac needs a BBQ mat. I have seen them at Canadian Tire or you can get by going to the link attached.
Digital Thermometer

Digital Thermometer

The digital thermometer is something I do not use all the time. Yet, it is nice to have when you need it. I do take my bread’s temperature to know that it is done! Again, you can see if you can pick it up in your local store .. or follow the link to get it delivered to your house.

Royal Icing Decorating Bottles

In the past I used sandwich bags or decorating bags to decorate my sugar cookies. Then I found these bottles in my local Michaels. They are a game changer! They make decorating less messy and you can do fine detailing. My entire family joins in the fun and uses the bottles. It is a must. You can check your local store, but if you are not successful or just want it delivered to your house you can check out the link.
Digital Kitchen Scale

Digital Scale

With Gluten Free Baking it is important that measurements are exact. I like to use a scale. You can find them in your local community. I have a link if you can’t get out or just want it delivered to your place.
Small Loaf Pan

Smaller Bread Pan

I purchased two of these pans at my local store in Edmonton. The store is called Barb’s Kitchen. If you can’t find these in your local community, I have found the exact ones online. The bread cooks nicely in this pan and creates a nice crust. Another thing that I like about this pan is that it is smaller than a ‘normal’ pan … that is nice with Gluten Free Bread … as the loaf raises higher and the slice of bread seems bigger. My celiac teen boy likes the taller slice of bread.
Pampered Chef Scoops

Pampered Chef Scoops (3 sizes)

These scoops are great for scooping out cookie and muffin batter. I use these scoops ALL of the time in my kitchen. They save time and also make your muffins and cookies all the same size. Uniform cookies and muffins allow for even cooking. You can get three different sizes. This link is only good if you are IN Canada. As my friend, Charlene, is a Pampered Chef Consultant and she can ship the scoops to you in Canada. Or, if you have your own consultant … reach out to that person.
Rolling Pin and Mat

Rolling Pin & Mat

I like using this rolling pin because it has rings that you can put onto the ends. The rings are different sizes like 1/4, 1/8, 1/2 inch etc. You pick the size of the ring to use, depending on what you are making, and it makes the cookies or pie dough exactly the depth you need. My cookies and pie bake evenly and look professional because of this rolling pin. I just love it! You may be able to find something in your local store, but if you are unable then I have included a link where you can purchase it online.