Here is a list of a few books that, as a celiac, I think are very helpful. My current e-cookbooks are listed below. I have more coming and also some hardcopy books that will be publishes, so stay tuned!

America's Test Kitchen GF Cookbook

How Can it Be Gluten Free – NEW Book (Nov 2020)

This is an awesome find! It is cheaper than purchasing the ATK’s first and second book, and it has both in this one cookbook. If you haven’t bought either … this would be the one to get!
Yum and Yummer Cookbook

Yum and Yummer

My sister gave me this book (actually she gave it to my husband … and I stole it!). EVERY recipe turns out and what I love is that each recipe list if it is GF or DF on the top of the page. Most of her recipes you can adjust and make gluten or dairy free as well. I cook from this book every week .. .at least once! So, if you need something to help with new meal ideas that are healthy … give it a try!

Gluten Free Diet by Shelley Case

After I was diagnosed celiac, I went to the ‘Anti Panic 101’ session at the Celiac Association office. This was the first book that I picked up after that session, I found it very valuable and helpful.
The How Can it Be Gluten Free Cookbook

The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook

I was given this book years ago. I LOVE it! It explains the science behind gluten free baking and helped me be successful. In my opinion, this book is a must in a celiacs kitchen.
Gluten Free Christmas Cookbook

My Christmas e-Cookbook

As family gatherings over the holidays, it all starts in the kitchen. We make traditional Christmas dishes and baking, this time of year, and our hearts know we are home because of the tastes and smells that flow from the kitchen. In this cookbook you will find many recipes for the holidays .. gluten free style!
Gluten Free Muffin e-cookbook

My Gluten Free Muffin e-Cookbook

My muffin e-cookbook has my families favourite muffins. You will also find a page of tips and techniques that make the difference of great texture and lift in a gluten free muffin.