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Gluten free recipes, video demos and techniques to give you the skills that you need to be a successful gluten free home-baker.

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Check out my recipes that I will share with you on my KOB’s Blog. The list of recipes at the top of this website will be updated as my blog posts grow, so sign up to follow my blog to get all the recipes! I took dietary technology and nutrition is very important to me, I will add nutrients whenever we can.  For example, my cinnamon buns have chia! Let’s have some fun baking (and eating) some excellent Gluten Free baked goods! Follow KOB’s Blog for new recipes and tips.   Now, let’s get baking!  

Video Demos

You can give someone a recipe and they MAY be successful… or not! Have you ever found that you are more successful at doing something when someone SHOWS you HOW to do it? The idea of these classes is that I show you the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of gluten free baking. You can download the video demo and watch it whenever it works for you. The videos will be saved on your dashboard and will be available for you to watch again and again. Check out the classes available at my Gluten Free Baking Classes ‘School’. Take time to read the testimonials, the feedback has been positive. Give it a try and gain the skills to make you an equipped gluten free baker in your home.

My Favourite Things

Kitchen Tools and GF CookBooks

People have asked me where to find my favourite kitchen tools and books that I mention in my video classes & blog. Therefore, I have given you my top favourites. I use these all of the time in my kitchen. Just click on the ‘Kitchen Tools‘ or ‘Books‘ to take a look. You can probably pick up a lot of them in your own local community. If you have trouble finding them, I have included a link to purchase online. Hopefully the kitchen tools make baking a little easier!

About Me

My name is Teresa and I am a Celiac. I’m married to my best friend, who happens to be a Dairy-Free Type 1 Diabetic. I’m also a mom to two fabulous people. One is a Celiac and the other is Not (she prides herself as being the ‘normal’ one in the family!). Our family has a few dietary restrictions, yet I don’t think any of us really notice…. most days! …..

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