Would you like to be a more Confident & Better Gluten Free Baker, Today?

If you also have dairy and egg intolerances, many of the recipes are not only Gluten Free but also Dairy and Egg Free. Check out the list below to see what is also dairy and egg free.

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There are important tips, techniques and skills with gluten free baking. Come into my virtual kitchen, pull up a chair and learn some skills to make you a better gluten free baker. These skills can be transferred to other recipes for years to come. Each recipe you will receive a video demo that you can watch at your convenience and a recipe card. Both the video and recipe card will stay on your dashboard indefinitely. Sign up and get 25% off today and watch this weekend or months from now … it’s not going anywhere!

TWO Courses Available

25% off either class until June 1st. Use Coupon Code ‘bettergf’

The MINI GF Baking Course

  • 1:1 Gluten Free Flour (Gluten, Dairy, Egg Free)
  • Pumpkin Date Muffins (Gluten, Dairy Free)
  • Nana’s Ginger Cookies (Gluten, Dairy Free)
  • Pizza Crust (Gluten, Dairy, Egg Free)
  • Bagels (Gluten Free with Dairy Free option)

The EQUIPPED Home Baker Course

7 weeks you will receive 11 instructional videos, 13 recipe cards, & my GF muffin e-cookbook
  • 1:1 Gluten Free Flour (Gluten, Dairy, Egg Free)
  • Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies (Gluten, Dairy Free)
  • Gram’s Blueberry Muffins
  • Carrot Cake (Gluten Free with Dairy Free option)
  • Mom’s Nutritious Loaf (Gluten, Dairy, Egg Free)
  • Multigrain Bread (Gluten Free)
  • Pizza Crust (Gluten, Dairy, Egg Free)
  • Flat Bread (Gluten, Dairy, Egg Free)
  • Pie Dough (Gluten Free with Dairy Free option)
  • Biscuits (Gluten Free)
  • Bagel (Gluten Free with Dairy Free option)

Download Muffin e-Cookbook

Gluten Free Muffin Cookbook

Check out ALL Video Demo’s Available


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I am a celiac and a mom of a celiac teen. Sharing recipes & tips to help you enjoy baking excellent gluten free baked goods in your home.

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