Gluten Free Bread Video Demo

My Celiac Son loves this bread.

I have tried a lot of bread recipes over the years and my experiences have not always been positive! If you are a baker, I’m sure you have had some trouble as well with gluten free bread. I’ve had bread dough flowing all over my oven, loaves that are sunk in and doughy in the middle, or they’ve been like a solid rock.

Over the years I have experimented and learnt a few techniques that are valuable. I could just give you my bread recipe … and you may or may not be successful. Good gluten free bread requires knowing some valuable tips and techniques. I have put together a video that gives you the ‘feel’ that I have invited you into my kitchen. It’s as if you have pulled up a chair and sat down at my kitchen table and learnt how to bake gluten free bread.

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My hope is that, after you have watched the video, you feel equipped to make bread for years to come. There are tips and techniques that make the difference of being successful at baking gluten free bread. The video can be watched whenever you would like and as many times as you need, it stays on your personal dashboard along with any recipes or videos you may download in the future.

I have two breads that my family likes.

My Celiac Son’s favourite Mulitgrain Bread


My Favourite Nutritious Loaf that is also dairy and egg free.

I make my favourite loaf plain or with dried fruit. Cobb’s bakery was my favourite, before diagnosed celiac and I loved their apricot bread. I add dried apricots to this bread and it is so good for breakfast!

Hope you try baking gluten free bread and find my video helpful and enjoying baking from the recipe card for years to come.

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If you don’t like how small gluten free bread is, I found that these loaf pans that are a bit smaller, makes the gluten free bread rise taller and in turn gives a taller slice of bread. The slice seems bigger since it rises higher. I personally have bought two of these pans from my local store in Edmonton, Barb’s Kitchen. If you can’t find them locally … you can click on the pan below and find online. The bread not only is a nice size, it also cooks nicely in they pan and gives a nice crust.