Would you like to be a more Confident & Better Gluten Free Baker, Today?

If you also have dairy and egg intolerances, many of the recipes are not only Gluten Free but also Dairy and Egg Free. Check out the list below to see what is also dairy and egg free. There are important tips, techniques and skills with gluten free baking. Come into my virtual kitchen, pull upContinue reading “Would you like to be a more Confident & Better Gluten Free Baker, Today?”

Why do recipes call for Xanthan Gum?

Last Wednesday of the Month ‘Chat with KOB’ I had a friend ask me ‘WHY’ recipes call for Xanthan Gum. She said that she always just left it out of her recipes in the past, as she didn’t know what it was. Since she had the question, I thought others may as well. My friendContinue reading “Why do recipes call for Xanthan Gum?”

Gluten Free Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin Recipe

My daughter loves these muffins for lunch with a bowl of fruit and yogurt. Gluten Free lunches for school can get challenging to find new ideas, I hope you give them a try and enjoy. Enjoy!

Gluten Free Biscuits …. Success!!

My mom made baking powder biscuits on a regular basis, when I was a kid. We would eat them warm with butter and Rogers Golden Syrup! The syrup probably isn’t the healthiest .. but they were very good! I loved her biscuits! I have tried many gluten free biscuits over the years, and the glutenContinue reading “Gluten Free Biscuits …. Success!!”

Gluten Free Bread Video Demo

My Celiac Son loves this bread. I have tried a lot of bread recipes over the years and my experiences have not always been positive! If you are a baker, I’m sure you have had some trouble as well with gluten free bread. I’ve had bread dough flowing all over my oven, loaves that areContinue reading “Gluten Free Bread Video Demo”

Try this Gluten Free Muffin Recipe, they taste like what mom used to make!

The smell of muffins baking make me feel like home. They some how take me back to being a kid. This morning, I made a couple of adjustments to my attached recipe. My celiac son and I enjoyed one and they turned out really well. They have a nice flavour and texture. They are veryContinue reading “Try this Gluten Free Muffin Recipe, they taste like what mom used to make!”

Crustless Quiche with Option of Dairy Free

My family loves this for lunch or supper with a side salad. If you are thinking of an idea for Mother’s Day … why don’t you give this recipe below a try. It’s fresh and light and perfect for a Mother’s Day lunch! I love using the fresh eggs from my acreage. If you doContinue reading “Crustless Quiche with Option of Dairy Free”

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