Need Fresh Salad Ideas & Allergen Free Baguettes?

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I just sat down this morning to make a meal plan for the next two weeks. I dread the weeks where I have not made a plan and each day I am scrambling to figure out what to make for supper. My family has two celiacs, a dairy free and a diabetic in our family … I don’t feel like any of that is an issue but there are a few food ‘issues’ to think about.

The best thing, to me, is to be organized and know what I’m cooking and only have to think about it once every week or two. Less food is wasted and I only need to shop once every couple weeks. That is nice for a multitude of reasons! I am not always organized but I love it when there is time to sit down and make a meal plan.

My favourite salad and dinner cookbook is Yum and Yummer. They seriously have so many great recipes .. I haven’t had one dish that didn’t taste fabulous. At the top of every page it tells you if the recipe is Gluten or Dairy Free and at the bottom of the page it often gives ideas on how to make it gluten or dairy free if it isn’t already. The recipes are healthy and flavourful.

The weather here in Alberta has got so warm and sunny that I think we are going to start up the BBQ and have salads this week. So, this morning I have pulled out my favourite book and I am picking a few salads for this week.

Yum and Yummer Cookbook

Here are three salads that I am making this week, photos are from the cookbook. I can’t share the recipes with you … as they are not mine! But if you are looking for some fresh ideas, I truly love this book. My sister gave it to our family and she also cooks from it on a weekly basis.

Chicken and Mango Salad from Yum & Yummer
Galas, Greens & Gorgonzola Yum & Yummer
Tex-Mex Quinoa Salad from Yum & Yummer

We will do some simple meat on the grill with these salads and enjoy eating on our deck. You know spring has arrive when we can start eating outside again!

Now that BBQ season has arrived, I will start making my baguettes again. My family loves them dipped in oil and balsamic vinegar. They are quick and easy to make and go well with a BBQ. If you have more than gluten restrictions, these baguettes are also gluten, dairy, egg, soy, nut, xantham gum, corn, & potato free. The baguette video demo, recipe card and nutritional facts are available in my GLUTEN, DAIRY & EGG FREE Bundled Class.

By the way, if you are grilling on a BBQ that could have gluten on it and you don’t want to get cross contaminated with gluten, I have found a great item that my family uses. It is a BBQing mat and it has helped us have peace of mind and stay safe from being cross contaminated. The nice thing is that it leaves grill lines on your meat but keeps you safe from anything that could be on the grill.


Hope you enjoy BBQing and enjoy the beautiful spring sunshine.