Gluten Free (Vegan) Chocolates

A lot of the pretty Easter chocolates in the store have a ‘may contain gluten’ statement or they simply do have gluten in them. Since my son and I are celiac, we will not eat those. My teen daughter loves chocolate and we have tried making home made chocolate, once or twice. Yet, it is time consuming. I have teens, and I’d rather have time to play games, bike, throw a ball, draw or just have fun together. So, sometimes I find the quick and easy way to do things …. while still making special treats and memories with my family. I have found that shaped flexible molds are a great way to make beautiful chocolates.

Buy chocolate that suits your families food intolerances … gluten free, vegan, nut or sugar free. Whatever makes it safe for you! This is the brand I used this time … you can buy online or find in your local stores.

Then I just break the chocolate into my decorating bottles and microwave for 10 seconds at a time. The chocolate will melt quickly. Squeeze the sides of the bottle to make sure all the lumps have melted. Then, put a round tip on top of the bottle and pour the chocolate into the molds. I have tried other methods, but this is the quickest and cleanest process! My kids help and it’s so easy to get the chocolate into the molds and not all over the counter! I love it when there is less clean up!

You can melt white chocolate and with your fine tip, from your bottle, easily follow the lines of the mold and then add the dark chocolate on top. It really does turn out beautiful. Or you can add a bit of dye to the white chocolate to make the lines on the egg look like an Easter egg.

Another idea, is that you can use white chocolate (coloured or not) or icing and decorate your chocolate eggs, once they have hardened. You can use a fine paint brush and decorate your chocolate eggs.

My last idea, is that you can temper (heat over hot water bath to 110 F and then stir til it cools to 90 F) the chocolate and then paint the chocolate on the inside of the molds with a paint brush. Let it harden and do a second layer. Once it hardens, take the chocolate out of molds carefully. I put my molds into the freezer and the chocolate hardens faster.

Then heat a baking sheet in the oven, take it out and very gently touch two egg bottoms (open end) for a second to the pan … then line them up with the other half and seal them together.

The heated egg will fuse the two halves together and you will now have an Easter egg in the shape of a real egg. Before you seal the eggs together, you could put a note or treats inside the half that you are not heating and then when your gluten free love opens the egg .. they will find a surprise! This process takes more time then just filling the molds … but they are beautiful! You could fill them with little candies or personalized notes.

Depending on your kids personalities, this is an activity that can be quick or take hours. The detail that you want to spend on the eggs has endless possibilities. This is what my kiddos and I did today …

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