Gluten Free Sugar Cookies

If you know me, I LOVE Sugar Cookies for every occasion. So, for Easter I made a batch and made chicks, bunnies, eggs, caterpillars and butterflies!

I told my teens that they could just eat the cookies, and I would decorate. BUT they said that they really wanted to decorate with my ‘cool’ bottles and royal icing. My mama heart is full! It has been a family tradition to decorate our seasonal sugar cookies, and I am so glad that they have not ‘out grown’ this tradition. I hope they never do!

My husband, teens and I all sat around the table this evening and made our own beautiful creations. The nice thing about the royal icing, is that once you let the cookies dry for a couple hours, they can be stacked. I then put them in the freezer and bring out a few cookies at a time. Otherwise they would get eaten too fast!

There are some important tips to make great gluten free sugar cookies, therefore I have set up a video demo to help you be successful. At the end of the video demo you will find the recipe card and royal icing recipe. You will find this class in my 7 week Essential Gluten Free Home-Baker Class. If you need a great recipe, I hope you check it out.

If you already have a good sugar cookie recipe, I hope you have fun making some easter sugar cookies with your family. I have found the following two items essential in making great sugar cookies;

Decorating Bottles – In the past, I have used bowls of icing and knifes or sandwich bags with a tiny hole cut in the corner to decorate my sugar cookies. Both work, but these bottles make it much easier to decorate and far less messy! Especially with kids!! They are a game changer.

Rolling Pin – This rolling pin is not necessary, but I love it! I like using this rolling pin because it has rings that you can put onto the ends. The rings are different sizes like 1/4, 1/8, 1/2 inch etc. You pick the size of the ring to use, depending on the depth of cookie you want (I like mine thin). It makes the cookies exactly all the same depth, with ease. This allows each cookie to bake exactly the same and they just look nicer and more professional.

Hope you find some fun gluten free easter treats to make for your gluten free love or with them! Either way, have fun together making memories.

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