Gluten Free Easter Cupcakes

With it being easter and spring time, I felt like making carrot cupcakes. They are a light and fresh cupcake and seem perfect for this time of year. Click on this carrot cake link, if you would like the recipe and video demo for my carrot cake. Just put the cake batter into cupcake liners and muffin tin and bake for 20-25 minutes. You will learn valuable tips on how to make a soft and lovely gluten free carrot cake/cupcake.

Or, if you think your kids would like chocolate cake better and don’t have time to bake and just want to use a mix .. then click on this chocolate cake link for some tips and things to add to your mix that will make the cupcake even better (it’s a free downloadable video and recipe card)!

Once you decide on the flavour of cupcake and have them baked, you can decorate your cupcakes and make them look like little sheep. I just love this sheep idea that I saw on the internet. Many people have made them, it is not my original idea .. but it sure is cute! I saw people use icing, coconut and marshmallows for the sheep’s fleece.

This is what I did;

  • Roll out chocolate fondant for the face and peach for the ears. We used my rolling pin that has a small ring that I can put on that enables me to roll all of the fondant the same depth. My teen daughter actually rolled and cut out all of the sheep faces.
  • Use a paint brush and dip it in water to attach the pieces and eyes. Set faces to the side.
  • Use a knife and spread butter-icing on the top of the cooled cupcake. You can find my buttercream icing recipe at the end of my free chocolate cake video demo.
  • Cut mini marshmallows in half with a knife, they fit better on the cupcake.
  • Cover the icing with cut marshmallows.
  • Put icing on the back of the sheep face and set it on the marshmallows.

I found this gluten free fondant that is in small 4.4 oz packages … great for a project like this. Plus it tastes great! The brown actually tastes like chocolate. Click on pictures if you would like to get online.

My teenage son just wanted to eat the cupcakes and didn’t want to help. Then, as he was walking through the kitchen, he got a good idea to toast the marshmallows! It actually looked pretty cool and he said it tasted great. My mama heart is full when my teens have fun cooking in the kitchen!

Have some fun and make some easter cupcakes with your kiddos. If your kid gets a funny idea to toast the marshmallows or any other fabulous ideas … let them do it! Have fun! I think his turned out better than anything I could have dreamed up! I also think my girl made some pretty good looking sheep faces!

Hope you have some fun with this cupcake.

If you were reading about my Easter ideas and would like to go back, or want to read about more ideas … click here.



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