Do you want to try My Favourite 1:1 Gluten Free Flours?

I love these flours because … my old family favourites turn out!

Have you found your favourite gluten free flour?

chef pouring flour for making dough
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I have tried many 1:1 gluten free flours, over the years, and I have found my two favourites. The one that I use the most is my homemade 1:1 flour. Old family favourite recipes seem to turn out the best with this home made flour recipe. You can get the recipe card and short video on the ‘why’s’ of choosing different flours for your blend at My Gluten Free 1:1 Flour Video Demo and Recipe Card. It will help you be a better gluten free baker because you will understand the ‘why’s’! You can’t just add almond flour to an old recipe and expect it to turn out:)

Gluten Free 1:1 Flour

Sometimes I just don’t feel like making my own flour blend. The store bought blend that I find turns out the best is Kinnikinnick’s 1:1 Flour Blend. I have made muffins, cake and cookies with their flour and my old family favourites have turned out great.

If you have a favourite, write a comment below … I would love to try! Or if you have not had a lot of luck baking, why don’t you try one of the flour blends that I love a try.

My Flour Container of Choice

I love storing my flours in this container, because you can leave the container(s) on your cupboard shelf and easily measure out of the flipped lid. You can run your measuring cup along the top of the open edge and it flattens the flour like a knife would and makes the measurement exact.