Gluten Free Muffins & Loaves for Lunches or Breakfast …

Lunches get challenging for everyone. Especially when we are 3/4 of the way through a school year! Thinking of a variety of gluten free options for lunches can be even more challenging. Muffins are always a hit and a great option.

My friend, Charlene, sent me a loaf pan from Pampered Chef that I have not used until today. I decided to make my Gram’s Blueberry muffins in this new pan, and they turned out great!

I always use my large scoop to measure into the muffin cups. The mini loaf was 2 scoops. My teens will have no problem eating a 2 scoop mini loaf, if you have little kids you could always send them half … but I know my kids will be just fine! The scoops make scooping the dough quick, easier, less messy and if you have a diabetic in your life (like I do) it allows for easy carb counting.

This morning I made fresh blueberry mini loaves for my kids lunches, they turned out lovely. If you would like to learn the tips and techniques for moist non-crumbly GF muffins with great lift, you can one of my video demos;

The videos are 15-20 minutes and you can watch whenever it works for you, and you will have the videos to refer back to on your personal dashboard.

OR if you would rather just read the tips and techniques and have all of my families favourite muffin recipes, you can get my Muffin e-cookbook. It is on sale for $1.99 until the end of the month.

Download the e-book here;

Hope your gluten free love enjoys some gluten free muffins in their lunches.