Pi Day

Pi Day!

My husband is a math guy and our children have his same abilities. Because they are math enthusiasts, they like Pi Day! The last few years I have done different fun things. So, if you need some ideas …

  • use a knife to cut out the pi sign and place on top of the pie or tarts
  • use numbered cookie cutters to cut and then place ‘3.14159265359’ on top of the pie. Or just eat little pieces of pie crust (like cookies!)
Pi Day

If you need a flaky gluten free pie dough recipe and would like to learn how to make gluten free pie, then you can take my pie dough class and make your own gluten free pie for ‘Pi Day’.

For Pi Day my pie dough class is on sale for less than $2! It will go back up to normal price tomorrow. You will learn valuable tips on how to make an excellent gluten free pie crust. The class has a 25 minute video demo that you can watch whenever it works for you plus a recipe card. Both are yours on your dashboard to look back at again and again.

If you have your own recipe and don’t need tips and tricks to learn to make them gluten free style, then enjoy having some fun this Pi Day!

These are the kitchen tools that I find helpful when making pie or sugar cookies …