New GF Cookbook Arrived …

The new gluten free cookbook that I ordered arrived on my doorstep. I can’t believe how thick it is!

It has nearly 600 pages of recipes and tips on gluten free baking. My daughter, who is not a celiac, loves to bake. She got a hold of my new book yesterday and was the first to bake from it. She loves chocolate, so I’m not surprised that she made brownies. They were very good.

GF Brownies

I already own America’s Test Kitchen’s first gluten free cookbook, and this large cookbook is comprised of the 1st and 2nd book. The 1st book, I believe, is a must in any celiac kitchen. Therefore, I’m excited to look through my new book today and see all the extra things to learn and make! I’ll let you know anything great that I find to make in the book.

The large cookbook was on sale and was cheaper then purchasing Book 1 and 2 separately. If you want to pick up your own copy to enjoy, you can find it online at this link


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