This is my celiac teen’s favourite GLUTEN FREE BAGEL … click to try it today.

The day before my endoscopy, to confirm celiac diagnosis, I went to Tim Horton’s and had a lovely toasted bagel smeared with butter.

Toasted GF Bagel
GF KOB’s GF Bagel

At that time, I was 99.9% sure I was a celiac, with an aTTG number of 800!! So, I was in the mind-set that I certainly wanted to enjoy something that I loved before I was destined to rice cakes for the rest of my life. It’s probably what sent my villi over the edge!! (ha!). I was also very wrong about being destined to rice cakes!!!

My son also really loved bagels before he was diagnosed celiac. Who doesn’t love a warm blueberry bagel with butter? It’s pretty tasty!

We both have tried many gluten free bagels over the years, and most seem to be like a big bun with a hole in the middle …. not our idea of a bagel. There is one brand that we like but the flavour it comes in is not our favourite. I tried for years to make gluten free bagels, with not a lot of success.

I have spent this past ‘covid year’ trying to see if I could combine a few different recipes and also threw in my own twist … and voila I think I truly have a good gluten free bagel. Or at least my family thinks so!

Gluten Free Blueberry Bagel
My Family’s Favourite GF Bagel

It has a nice crust, a soft inside and my celiac teen approves. Actually, I shared it with another gluten free teen and she gave her approval as well. So, two gluten free teens approvals … I see that as a win! I also must give Sue from the Celiac’s Podcast credit for a tip that she gave me when I was talking to her one day about my frustrations with bagels. She told me to freeze my dough, and THAT made a huge difference. So, thank you Sue. She also makes two different varieties of bagels that you can check out at Sue’s Gluten Free Baking.

I give lots of recipe cards on my blog and will continue to do that. BUT I think that there are some gluten free baked goods that need more than a printed recipe. Sometimes it helps to SEE how to do something and have explanation to be successful. Therefore, I have some video demo classes that you can sign up for and they are yours to watch whenever you want and will not disappear. You also get the recipe card to refer back to as many times as you need. If you take more classes over the months and years ahead, they will all stay on your personal dashboard for you to refer back to. The feedback has been positive. People have said it is like their own little gluten free cookbook and they like being able to pull the recipes up on their phone and have them at their fingertips.

There is a NEW  MINI GF Baking Course on my site.  I do hope you sign-up to try these bagels! What is in the Mini GF Baking Course?

This new MINI GF Baking Course has 5 video demos/classes and recipe cards that are available IMMEDIATELY for you to watch and in any order that works for you.  If you get interrupted it is no problem, as the video demos and recipe cards will be yours to refer back to.  These classes will equip the home gluten free baker with tips to be successful in your own kitchen.  This is what you get in the MINI GF Course;

  • 1:1 GF Flour Video Demo – GF/DF option/Egg Free (12 min & 43 sec)
  • Pumpkin Date Muffin Video Demo – GF/DF (17 min & 35 sec)
  • Nana’s Chewy Ginger Cookie Video Demo – GF/DF (13 min & 40 sec)
  • BBQ or Oven Pizza Crust Video Demo – GF/DF/Egg Free (11 min & 22 sec)
  • BAGEL’s Video Demo – GF (DF Option) (16 min & 17 sec)
  • RECIPE CARDS for all of the above video demos.  

THAT is a total of over 70 minutes of instructional time AND all the recipe cards.

Check it out or sign up here.


One last thought, if you want to keep your fingers when cutting the bagels … or your kids/teens fingers! We use a bagel cutter.


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