Want to try a GF Flour that is High Fibre & Protein? Check Out Where You Can Get it AND a Recipe Link as well!

Chickpea Flour
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If you are a Celiac or eat a 100% gluten free diet, you are probably low in fibre. I know my son and I are! The grains that a gluten free person eats just don’t have all the fibres that a gluten eating person eats. It is near impossible to get all the soluble and insoluble fibre that you need. So, we need to get creative!

When cooking and baking, I try to add as much fibre and nutrients as I can. Although, I have found a lot of the bean flours or nut flours can leave the baked product tasting a bit wonky or they can make the texture undesirable. When I found chickpea flour, it was a blessing! It is high in nutrients and fibre. PLUS, it doesn’t make the baked product taste funny or have a weird texture. As a mom of a celiac and a celiac myself … those are all bonuses!

Chickpea Flour

I had someone take my Banana Loaf online baking class and she reached out to me afterwards, as she could not find any chickpea flour in her local stores. Therefore, I thought many of you may have the same trouble. If you would like to try this great flour, here are a few things to know;

  • Garbanzo Bean and Chickpea flour are the same thing (so you can look for either!).
  • Lentils and Beans are an item that can have gluten because of how they are processed … so be careful! I bought a bag of Chickpeas in the ethnic aisle in my grocery store, as I was going to grind them and use them as flour (the ingredient list said they may contain gluten!).
  • Look for a gluten free symbol if purchasing the dry chickpea or garbanzo bean (if you are a celiac).
  • Store your bean flours in your freezer, as they stay fresh longer.

The flour can be hard to find, and I don’t always find it in the same place! Here are some places to try;

  1. Gluten Free Aisle in your local grocery store. I have found in Safeway and Superstore (Superstore has their own PC Chickpea Flour that is certified GF).
  2. Natural Food Store. If you live in Alberta, try Nutters (a number of stores throughout AB) or Earth’s General Store (Whyte Ave in Edmonton).
  3. If you can’t find it locally, you can order online and it is delivered pretty quickly

I use Chickpea Flour in different muffins and breads. If you want to try my Banana Loaf recipe in your home, check it out at this link http://bit.ly/GFKOBloaf. My celiac teen would eat this banana loaf everyday for breakfast, if it was in the kitchen! This loaf is not only gluten free but it is also egg, dairy, soy, potato, corn free as well. In the 15 minute video demo, you will also learn a few tips on how to make excellent loaves and muffins that you can use in any recipe.

Hope you give Chickpea/Garbanzo Bean Flour a try. Substitute a quarter of the 1:1 Rice Flour in your recipe with the bean flour and see how it turns out. Then try a bit more the next time! Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Whether you try my loaf recipe or just experiment with your own … enjoy experimenting with new flours!

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