Thanks For Feedback, I’ve Purchased This NEWly Published Gluten Free Cookbook

America's Test Kitchen GF Cookbook
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Can’t wait to flip through the pages!

I received a number of messages and opinions about my post regarding what cookbook to add to my collection. Thank you for your input, I have made my decision.

I do feel like the 1st Americas Test Kitchens (ATK) Gluten Free Cookbook is valuable and one of my favourites. It has taught me so much about the science behind gluten free baking and the knowledge that I have gained has helped me be able to adapt old family recipes into great tasting gluten-free traditions!

If you missed my questions from my last post, I was wondering if I should get the 2nd ATK’s Gluten Free Cookbook …..

or the NEW ATK’s cookbook that came out in November 2020 that combines the 1st and 2nd cookbooks.

Everyone’s messages convinced me to get the NEW Americas Test Kitchen Gluten Free Cookbook, as it will have the ATK’s most up to date recipes and gluten free baking findings. That is valuable information to me. So, I ordered it and it should arrive next week … I am so excited!! One can never stop learning new techniques, when baking gluten free.

I have had many family and friends ask me if they only bought ONE gluten free cookbook … what one would I suggest? Maybe you have the same question? In my opinion, purchasing one of these ATK’s books is essential. Not only does the cookbook have excellent recipes but it also has a lot of background information about gluten free baking and it tells you ‘why’ to do certain things in a recipe and why not to do other things .. because it is gluten free! I personally love it!

If you decide to get the NEW cookbook along with me and experiment with some new recipes …. let me know that you did and what you made! I’ll do the same.


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