GF Cookbook, Great Find!

Many years ago, my husband and I use to watch the America Test Kitchen TV show. We enjoyed them testing recipes and kitchen gadgets and giving all of their opinions as to why one ‘kitchen tool’ was better than they other. It was a great show! Or at least we thought so.

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I have had the first, ‘How Can It Be Gluten Free’, Cookbook from the America’s Test Kitchen for years. The reason I like the book is for the same reason that I loved their show! They give lots of information. They explain details of why this or that works and it is very helpful to the home cook. They spent a year testing gluten free baking before they made the cookbook. Therefore, you know you are going to get fabulous information. My husband is a scientist, so the thought of testing recipes was cool to him as well!

Like I said, I have the first cookbook and love it.

I was going to order the second cookbook to see what else I could learn.

When I looked up this 2nd book, I noticed that America’s Test Kitchen has published a new hardcover book in November 2020. This new book has BOTH the 1st and 2nd book in one! Now that is a great idea!

In my opinoin, if you haven’t bought either, it really would be great to get this one … as it would save you from buying two books and it is cheaper to buy this one then purchasing the two separate books. AND you would have all the information in once place.

So, today I am debating on if I should purchase the 2nd book or get the new book that has both in one place and then gift my 1st book to someone else? I am VERY tempted to purchase this book so I have both books in one. What would you do?

What should I do? What would you do?

Book One

Book Two

New Book

Comment below, if you have the New Book. I’d love to know our opinion!