Do you NEED a Nutrient Rich GF Bread for yourself or family member? Give my Mom’s Nutritious Loaf a try!

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I do buy store boughten gluten free bread, as sometimes I just don’t feel like making bread! BUT I feel best when I eat this bread for breakfast. My gut feels better and I have a sense of well being. I know that sounds silly, but I truly feel nourished! This loaf is very high in fibre, iron and many nutrients. It is also gluten, dairy, egg, soy, nut, potato, tapioca, corn, guar gum, and xanthum gum, free.

The first thing I do is make a flax egg. I grind 1 tablespoon of certified GF flax in my magic bullet (so I know it hasn’t been cross contaminated) and I add 3 tablespoons of warm water and let it sit. It gets a bit thicker, as it sits, and it works as an egg substitute.

This is what the ‘flax egg’ looks like when it has sat and is ready to use….

Sometimes I make the loaf plain and other times I add dried fruit and cinnamon, both are great. I love it toasted with plain butter or jam for breakfast. I do hope you give it a try and I would love to hear your feedback on what you think.

What I love about this bread is that it has MANY grains in it. My celiac son and I miss a lot of fibre and nutrients when we eat store bought breads. This one sticks to our rips and nourishes us through out the morning. Not only does it have Rice Flour but it also has Sorghum, Millet, Teff, Buckwheat, Amaranth, and Chia. Take a look at all of the grains that went into my bread this morning … it really is a lot of ‘goodness’!

I hadn’t made bread for a while, but today seemed like a great day to make a loaf. It’s kinda cold and snowy and I miss my bread for breakfast. I’m glad I made it, as the house has a wonderful aroma and I was reminded that it really doesn’t take that long at all. Today, I used my smaller loaf plans and made two loaves. Usually I put the dough all into one pan … but I am sharing a loaf today .. so I have too small ones. You can choose if you like the slice larger or smaller. We usually like it larger, as it feels more like a ‘normal’ slice of bread. You can do what you like best. If you have a child who is gluten free, you may like two smaller loaves … as it is very filling!

I found the smaller loaf pans at my local store (Barb’s Kitchen) and I love them! If you don’t live in Edmonton, I found them online for you (if you click on the loaf pan below … you will be redirected to check them out!). If you put all of the dough into this one pan, it will raise higher and it works perfect for gluten free bread.

Small Loaf Pan

I do enjoy giving you recipes, but some I believe you need a video to SHOW you how to bake an item and that can make the difference of being successful. Therefore, if you want to make this loaf in your home, just go to my gluten free baking classes video/demo for this mom’s nutritious loaf. You will receive a video demo that you will get immediately but can watch whenever it works for you and as many times as you need … it isn’t going anywhere! You will also get an electronic recipe card and nutritional fact breakdown of nutrients and carbs (helpful if you are a celiac and counting carbs .. like my hubby!)

Today, I made mine plain (without dried fruit) and sprinkled quinoa flakes and flax to decorate the top. Hope my celiac enjoys a slice for breakfast tomorrow … I think I’ll enjoy one for lunch!

Fresh Loaf Cooling

Let me know how yours turns out or share a photo.


Here are some items that I put in the loaf … if you find it hard to find in your local community … then you can order online.

Psyllium Husk (Whole)
White Chia Seeds
Gluten Free Flax Meal

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