Stomach Aches & Celiacs … Want to know a few ways you can add fibre to your diet, every day?

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A young little celiac I know has a stomach ache today. I was reminded that little celiacs have a hard time explaining the pain and thinking about ‘why’ their stomach hurts. Were they cross contaminated? Did they eat gluten? Is it a different intolerance? Is it bowel issues? There are so many questions and so many possibilities. Those questions are hard for this ‘old’ celiac to figure out, let alone the little young ones in our lives. The ‘littles’ have no clue as to ‘why’ they feel bad! They only know that their tummy hurts! Remember, as parents, that a sore tummy does not always mean gluten. It may have NOTHING to do with gluten or being a celiac! It could just be a tummy ache.

If you or your child is a celiac, it is always good to go through the questions of cross contamination and such. Also, never be afraid to get it checked out by your doctor (somethings need to be addressed). If you can figure out the ‘problem’ then you are bound to feel better quicker. In my household, sometimes the tummy aches are bowel related. Not so much gluten. With a gluten free diet you don’t always get all the fibre you need. So, if you can add fibre to your diet it can really help your insides and how you feel.

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I add ground flax and chia to a lot of my baking to increase fibre. If you are increasing your fibre, make sure to increase your water intake as well! Some people can’t handle chia, but if you can, it is an excellent source of fibre and nutrients. I add it to my ‘Mom’s Nutritious Bread‘, ‘Cinnamon Buns‘, ‘Pizza Crust‘, ‘Banana Loaf’ and ‘Baguettes’. Yes! You can have chia in your cinnamon bun!

I also add a tablespoon to each smoothie in my household. THAT amount would give some people too much fibre and make them feel ill. BUT … my kids and I can handle that amount. It is a great source of other nutrients as well. Maybe start with 1/4 of a teaspoon at a time, to see how well it is tolerated. You don’t need to do the tablespoon! Probably too much for most people.

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If your child does not like black flecks in their smoothie or their cinnamon buns, try white chia. I put in white chia and they never know the difference! Sometimes I can find it locally and sometimes I can not. I have found it online, if you want to check it out (it is certified gluten free).

White Chia Seeds

Hope you add some extra fibre and nutrients to your baking. Try one of my recipes/video classes listed above … they taste great and give your body some fibre. I also hope you find foods that make you feel well and healthy!

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