Gluten Free Valentine Ideas

Can you believe valentines is less than a week away? What are you doing? Nothing? Something Amazing? Or do you need just a little idea to make it sweet?

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My hubsand has always said that he doesn’t believe in Valentines Day. At first I was horrified, I thought he didn’t believe in love!! But that is not so.

The reason he doesn’t like Valentines Day is that he doesn’t like ‘Someone’ telling him that he HAS TO buy me a card, flowers, chocolates and say ‘I Love You’ on a certain day. He told me, ‘I love you EVERYDAY of the year and I will tell you when I want .. not just on Valentines’. So, a girl can’t complain about that! He actually doesn’t boycott valentines … he just goes out of his way to make his point! He does get me a card, and always gives it on a day leading up to valentines but NEVER on valentines … just to make the point that he loves me every day! He also brings home flowers a few days before valentines, so that they can be enjoyed all week. I get his point. Yet, I love the idea of valentines! I do things on valentines! We don’t really go overboard, but it’s nice to let the ones you know that you love them … on valentines or any day of the year!

If you go overboard or just like to do something simple and sweet. I have posted some gluten free valentine ideas over the past few weeks. Hopefully these ideas make your gluten free love feel special. My celiac and non-celiac teens love the heart pizza, sugar cookies and heart brownies the most. I won’t make two sweets … so I will have to decide which one I will do this year!

I thought I would give you all my ideas in one place for you to mull over …. and decide what you will do this Sunday.

If you want to check out the recipe, just click on the words under the photos.

I’d love to hear if you make one of my ideas. Let me know how it turned out and send a photo! Happy Valentines.


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