Gluten Free Chocolate Lips Anyone?

Valentine Chocolate Cupcake
Gluten Free Chocolate Lips

The other day, I had some fun making gluten free chocolates for valentines. I melted a gluten free chocolate bar and poured the chocolate into lip shaped molds and let it set. This is a great way to give your ‘gluten free love’ a safe gluten free Valentine chocolate! My celiac teen loves these, and I as a mom don’t have to worry if they have gluten. Sometimes all of the special valentine treats have a ‘may contain’ statement .. this way I have peace of mind!

If you want to give it a try, you can look around your local stores for a mold. I have found some at Michaels, Wal-mart, or Bulkbarn. If you don’t have any luck and you really want to do this for Valentines … then check out the mold online. You can get it delivered to you before Valentines Day. You could do any shape … this mold comes with lips and hearts! I hope you find something locally or online.

Heart and Lip Chocolate Molds

You can just eat the chocolates as a treat or use them as a topper on a gluten free cupcake. Not everyone likes baking, so I have put together a FREE video demo to teach you some tricks to make a cake mix even better plus it includes a recipe for buttercream icing. Click on the following link to give it a try

It could be fun to do with your kids for valentines. I think making memories together is the best part of being a mom. xo

Valentine Chocolate Cupcake
Click on photo to be redirected to FREE Demo on cupcakes

Hope you have found some of my ideas or the last couple weeks fun and they help you with ideas on how to make your valentines special with your ‘gluten free love’.


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