Gluten & Dairy Free Valentine Sugar Cookies & Royal Icing

Valentines Cookies

I absolutely love making sugar cookies, as the kids grew through the years I made them for every occasion I could think of! When my son was diagnosed celiac, I HAD to perfect my sugar cookie recipe and make them gluten-free style!

A few years ago, I gave my sister my sugar cookie recipe. She wanted to make them for a co-worker. I received a phone call about how it was a disaster and she showed me a photo of unidentifiable crumbs! That’s when I began to ask a few questions, had she used my suggested flour blends? (no she had not). There were a few things that she had not done.

I’m not trying to pick on my sister, but giving her as an example. Gluten free baking can be picky and you have to do things exact. If you do, you will have a wonderful product!

My sister said that she really does not enjoy rolling out sugar cookies. I found a rolling pin that would make her, and my, life easier. This rolling pin has adjustable rings that allows you to roll the dough exactly 1/4″ (or whatever size ring you pick), which makes all of your cookies uniform and they bake evenly.

Rolling Pin
Rolling Pin & Mat

If you are a celiac, it can be hard to find meringue powder that doesn’t have a ‘may contain gluten’ claim on it. If you are using your own royal icing recipe or using mine, I have found it at Bulk Barn in a little container .. but that is hit and miss. Finally I looked online and found the product below that is nut and gluten free and it is made in Canada. I also like that it is a small bag and I didn’t have to purchase 5 pounds worth!! If you want to check it out you can click on the photo.

Gluten & Nut Free Meringue Powder

My husband doesn’t like to eat a lot of icing, as he is a diabetic. Many years ago, I found cookie stamps that I could write messages in the cookies. Sometimes I will color the cookie dough and stamp messages into the cookies. This way it looks more interesting and fancier than a plain cookie, but it doesn’t add any more calories or sugar! It’s also just fun to write messages, especially on valentines! I couldn’t find my exact cookie stamping set (as it is very old!). BUT if it is something that you also think would be fun, I found one that would work great, just click on my sweet heart cookies below, and you can check it out.

Stamped Messages on Valentine Cookies
Click to see Cookie Stamps

I realized that there are things I do that are worth sharing so that your cookies do turn out! I don’t want you to have cookies like my sister!!! 🙂 So, why don’t you click on the photo below and join me (virtually). You can watch the sugar cookie demo on how to make gluten & dairy free sugar cookies and the royal icing demo. You can watch the videos whenever it works for you and as many times as you need to… they aren’t going anywhere! You will have your own dashboard on my site and any video demo or recipe you get…. will stay on your dashboard for you to refer back to at any time!

The recipe cards will also be available at the end of the demos.

Click to check out the Demo

Hope some of my ideas spark more ideas with you and that you make some fun gluten free valentine cookies, that you have fun with your family making them and that they taste fabulous!


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