If you are a celiac, have you thought about your lip gloss?

When I went for my follow-up appointment with my GI doctor, many years ago now! I thought I was doing everything very well … I had got a new toaster, colander, designated griddle, cleaned out my cupboards … just like the rest of you!

Gluten Free Lipgloss

THEN my GI doctor asked about my ‘beauty products’. I remember looking at her and thought, ‘you’ve got to be kidding!’!! In my head, I was thinking about how I don’t eat my shampoo, skin cream, make-up etc. … so why!!! For whatever reason, this task she put before me of making sure my ‘beauty products’ were gluten free … sent me over the edge! It seemed so overwhelming. Beauty products do not have to list gluten, so it was not an easy task. I remember calling companies and asking if there was gluten in the products that I used … and many said yes. I took a deep breath and realized that I needed to make a few changes.

If you had never thought of this and you feel like I did, take one step at a time. For example, for me, I didn’t worry if my mascara had gluten … as there is absolutely no way that my mascara would get into my mouth! BUT my lip gloss, face cream, face powder COULD get into my mouth. Therefore, these were the things I changed right away. I will leave it with you to figure out if you worry about your mascara!! Now, with so many years into being a celiac … I would tell you that if you make everything gluten free it is best, but that is just my opinion! Take one step at a time.

Kirkland brand shampoo is gluten free, I get that for my son incase the shampoo ran down is face and went into his mouth. We both use Neutrogena face wash and cream and our bottles are gluten free. Those are easy to find at Costco or your local supermarket.

I found a make-up brand that is completely gluten free (even the mascara!). The product is nice and I really like it. I can buy mine at my local store, London Drugs. If you can’t or you just want it delivered you can find them on line as well … you can click on the product to find out more information. The make-up line is called Mineral Fusion. This is the Lipgloss and Lipstick that I use …

Gluten Free Lip Gloss
Gluten Free Lipstick

I do think the powder on your face can get into your mouth as well …

Gluten Free Face Powder

Are you wondering why I am sharing this with you? As I usually write about food? Don’t worry, I will mostly keep things to food!!! BUT this morning I was thinking about food and valentines. Which got me thinking about dates, sharing food with a non celiac, kissing … and then lipgloss!

One last thought about lipgloss. Lipgloss matters even if you don’t personally wear it! If you are the celiac and your significant other does wear lipgloss … it is possible that they could ‘gluten’ you when they kiss you. If I have sent you over the edge with this thought … I am sorry! But it is true!

I personally do not have to worry about this, as my husband does not wear lipgloss. BUT when we went to the Keg one year on a date, he was eating their crusty bread and then was going to kiss me. At that moment when he looked over at me … I had a million things run through my head! I had just been thinking about the crusty bread he was eating (because it looked so good!) … and realized that if he kissed me with those crumbs on his lips/beard … I would have the potential of being glutened! Not to panic you about a kiss, as one shouldn’t over think it! BUT it is something to think about.

Hope you do take the time to think about your lip gloss … sharing food with a non gluten free person … as there are some simple changes that can make you, as a celiac, free from gluten!

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Photo by Natalie on Pexels.com