Breakfast Idea for Valentines

I’ve always thought valentines is for sweethearts … but once I had kids I also think it is very fun to make your entire family feel loved by doing sweet things. Therefore, over the next week or two I am going to give you different ideas that you may like to try. Or at least maybe my ideas can help ignite a new idea for you to do with your family! All will be gluten free!

I live in the country and we have about a dozen chickens. The chickens that I have lay green, blue and brown eggs. Each chicken I have looks different than normal chickens and they each lay a different color of egg. I got them because of the cool eggs. I do enjoy having fresh eggs for baking and to feed my family.

This morning I had the idea of ‘green eggs and ham’ .. as I DO have green eggs! The eggs are a normal color in the inside .. just the shell is green. So, this morning I made green eggs and ham for breakfast. My kids have final exams today .. so I was trying to give them protein for their brains and tell them I love them by the heart shaped ham and eggs. Since they are teens … I get a bit of an eye roll … but I know they feel the love! These would be perfect for valentines day!

These are so simple! Just take a muffin tin … if you have a heart shaped one it is even better! I got mine years ago .. but you can get on line if you can’t find one locally. Then take a slice of gluten free ham (make sure it is a sealed package and don’t get it sliced in a deli … as it can get cross contaminated on the slicer). Gently push the ham into the ‘heart/cup’ of the muffin tin. Then break an egg into the ham. Smaller eggs fit better. I then use a knife to break the yolk and sprinkle some herbs on top.

I personally use epicure as they are gluten free (If you are looking for some … just reach out to your local community and you can find a rep easily!). You could sprinkle cheese or dairy free cheese on top, I did not. Then bake at 375 degrees F for about 15 minutes (time will vary depending how you like your egg cooked … so keep an eye on them).

They pop out of the pan nicely and you can enjoy. If people in your family are in a rush, they could eat them on the run… you don’t have to be civilized and eat with a fork and knife! If you need to run out of the house and don’t have time to sit … they can be taken in hand! Yet, hopefully if you have made a nice valentines breakfast … nobody is running out the door with your ham and eggs heart in hand! You can also throw them in the fridge and enjoy anytime.

Click on pan if you want to check it out on amazon – or find locally.

You could definitely make these in a normal muffin pan .. but for valentines it makes it more special to be in a heart shape. Whatever you choose … I hope you give these a try on valentines or any day!

I’ve seen eggs cooked in a muffin tin before … so not a totally new idea .. but hopefully making it in a heart is a fun idea for you and your loves this valentines!